Our Process

Worker Sitting on Blue Stuhl-Stool Reading a Book

Why the Stuhl?

A Stuhl is its own entity; it is versatile in use, simple by definition and it undergoes a lot of repeated stress. We wanted to incorporate 3D Printing into furniture as a means for expanding the possibility of form. This presented us with a number of engineering challenges. If we could make it work with a Stuhl, we could design anything.
Two Workers Inspect a Stuhl-Stool Concept Part

What inspired the design?

The Stuhl was an exploration of organic form. We wanted to design something playful but at the same time do something new. We were able to play with form while taking it to new places using 3D software and Virtual Reality. These technologies as well as the additive manufacturing techniques allowed us to design without compromise.
 Two-Workers Look at a Finished Stuhl-Stool and Photograph it While One Worker Eats a Sandwich

What aspect of the design are you most pleased with?

We designed a really, strong, stable, and durable Stuhl. We love the organic and continuous form. The smooth surfaces blend and blur into one another creating a beautiful piece of furniture from all angles. The Stuhl really brings a fun and colorful atmosphere into any room.